Tecumseh mayor Gary McNamara is the new Warden of Essex County. In a post-election interview with the Windsor Star, he said the new Windsor Essex Hospital System is something our region not only needs, but deserves.

“That’s one of the big ones. We’ve got to get that mega-hospital built,” McNamara said.

As for the long-running debate over the location of the mega-hospital, McNamara said he considers that matter “settled.”
“We want to make sure we don’t lose our spot in the cue,” McNamara said. “This is something that our region not only needs, but deserves.”

“The point here is we should rally to make sure that it’s built. Our residents in the county are contributing $100 million — hard-earned tax dollars — to make that hospital a reality.”

“I think it’s ridiculous to argue if it should be here or there. I firmly believe the decision was made through the work of the site selection committee — Let’s move on.”

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We look forward to working with Warden McNamara in his new role. #WEareReady