Planning the Windsor-Essex Hospitals System is a 5-stage process.  We have completed stage 1 and have the green light to move forward.

Timeline chartStages 2 and 3 will take about 3 years to complete and this is really where the “rubber hits the road” and plans start to take shape. This will cost about 10 times what the project has cost so far, and require about 10 times the amount of work.

Here are some highlights of next steps:


This is a very detailed description of how the new system will operate. It is essentially designing the hospital with words.  This document will be in next steps to develop the building design.

The Functional Program will:

  • Include a detailed description of how programs and services will function;
  • Look at staffing, space and equipment requirements;
  • Focus on workflow planning for patients, staff and materials; and
  • Require considerable input from users.


This builds on the work done in the first two stages to create preliminary designs. MOHLTC approval of this stage is required before final design and construction can begin in Stage 4 of the project.

The Preliminary Design will:

  • Result in a two-dimensional design format, informed by the functional program;
  • Include a detailed description of the design concepts, a site plan, the location of building components, the location and relationship of major departments, entrances and exits, etc.;
  • Describe the proposed structural systems, electrical systems, energy sources and energy budget, heating, ventilation and cooling systems, plumbing, drainage, gases and other mechanical and life safety systems;
  • Outline the proposed layout plans including the location of all major equipment; and
  • Use mock rooms to test designs and make sure they are patient/user friendly.


Community engagement and involvement will continue be at the heart of this project going forward and everyone is encouraged to add a voice to the discussion. Sign up to the Windsor-Essex Hospitals System email list for updates on the project and future opportunities to get involved.