Drew Dilkens described last nights council meeting as a truly momentous night for the City of Windsor.  Council voted in favour of supporting a 1% levy to cover the local share of the new Windsor-Essex Hospitals System.

This, in addition to support from Essex County Council last week, gives the region “skin in the game” as we wait for provincial approval to move to the next stage in the planning process.

Highlights from Windsor City Council, April 25, 2016

Dr. Lisa Porter, Windsor Cancer Research Groups, tells council a new hospitals system, with a focus on research and education, will provide more training opportunities for students and attract top professionals to the area.

Larry Duffield, Windsor/Essex CARP, tells council support for the project represents support for future generations.

Karen Demers endorsed the city’s planned contribution on behalf of the Senior Advisory Committee.

Councillor Fred Francis, Ward 1, supports the the levy saying that it will benefit the community for “decade after decade, generation after generation.”

Councillor John Elliott, Ward 2, says he supports the levy because it is “good vision for Windsor and Essex County, and it’s time.”

Councillor Irek Kusmierczyk, Ward 7, supports the plan and says “We need to move forward and we need to move forward together.”

Councillor Hilary Payne, Ward 9 supports the levy and says “local physicians will have a truly modern facility which will impact the quality of care.”

Councillor Ed Sleiman, Ward 5, supports the levy and notes, “The Old Grace site will come to life again with Urgent Care to serve the core.”

Councillor Paul Borrelli, Ward 10, supports the hospital saying, “This will be a stimulus to usher the region into a new era of regionalism.”

Councillor Rino Bortolin, Ward 3, supports the levy. “In the end, I do believe this investment is vitally important to the area,” he says.

Councillor Jo-Anne Gignac, Ward 6, supports the levy. “We’re going to make a strong statement to the province of Ontario that we’re prepared to put skin in the game.”

Mayor Drew Dilkens, says “This is a transformation of the delivery of healthcare for our entire region.”

With both Essex County Council and Windsor City Council on board, David Musyj, Co-Chair of the Planning and Services Steering Committee & Windsor Regional Hospital President and CEO, explains what happens next.