Tecumseh Mayor Gary McNamara called it the biggest decision Essex County Council will make this term.  Council members voted unanimously to cover 46% – $91.5 million – of the local share for a new Windsor-Essex Hospitals System.

Click here for more on the cost sharing allocation for the Windsor-Essex Hospitals System.

Highlights from Essex County Council, April 20, 2016

Former Windsor Regional Hospital patient, Diane Marley of Kingsville, shares her story with Essex County Council and encourages support for the project.


Windsor Construction Association and Heavy Construction Association of Windsor representative Charlie Hotham tells council it is time the we stop throwing good money at old facilities.


Lasalle Mayor Ken Antaya says support for the levy shows Windsor-Essex is unified, committed and intends to see the project through.


Tecumseh Mayor Gary McNamara says it is our duty to make sure the government makes the right decision.


Kingsville’s Deputy Mayor, Gord Queen, makes a motion to support the recommendation.


“We have seen the city and the county rally around an issue,”  Windsor Regional Hospital’s President and CEO, David Musyj, told reporters after the vote.

“We’ve talked a lot about that in our community since I’ve been born here, about how few the issues may be that they rally around.  This is one of them.  This is the biggest one and it shows true leadership here tonight.”

For more from David Musyj on the significance of the vote, please click here and check out the Windsor Star’s video from the discussion.

Next Monday, April 25, Windsor City Council will vote on its portion of the funding at a special meeting scheduled for 6:30 pm.