Volunteers Needed to Help Select Site for a New State-of-the-Art Acute Care Hospital

The Steering Committee overseeing the planning of a new state-of-the-art acute care hospital for the region, is establishing a subcommittee to oversee the process of site selection. The Site Selection Subcommittee, made up of 6 current or former Windsor Regional Hospital volunteer board members and 4 volunteer members of the public at large, will follow a defined process to choose the location for a new hospital, based on a list of stringent and weighted criteria.

The Site Selection Process: 

  • The Steering Committee will define a set of criteria for a location, and the weight given to each criterion.
  • The community will have an opportunity to review the draft criteria and provide feedback on-line.
  • The criteria and weighting will be shared with the Site Selection Subcommittee.
  • The Site Selection Subcommittee will work with a consultant to issue a request for proposals.
  • Anyone owning property will have an opportunity to submit a proposal that they feel meets the criteria for consideration.
  • The Site Selection Subcommittee will determine a process to vet proposals.
  • The Site Selection Subcommittee will present a recommendation to the Steering Committee.
  • The Steering Committee will review the recommendation and, if accepted, will forward the recommended site to the Windsor Regional Hospital Board of Directors. 
  • Once the Board of Directors of Windsor Regional Hospital approves a site, it will be submitted to the Erie St. Clair LHIN for endorsement to The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

The site selection process is expected to begin this summer and take a few months to complete.

Individuals interested in being considered for an appointment to the Site Selection Subcommittee are encouraged to apply online at www.windsorhospitals.ca. Only those without a current and/or potential conflict of interest will be considered.